Naturopathic practice for Japanese acupuncture and TCM

Manual therapy of the musculoskeletal system


This medicinal and physiotherapeutic treatment method aims to restore joint mobility and to compensate for musculoskeletal imbalances.

With the help of manual mobilization of the movement system, the following indications, for example, are effectively treated:

  • Muscle tension, muscle shortening, muscular imbalances through, for example, one-sided stress at work or sport.

  • Post-inflammatory findings, fascia and capsule adhesions.

  • Functional difference in leg length / pelvic obliquity, asymmetry of the body, scoliosis.

  • Herniated disc, sciatica, cervical spine syndrome.

  • Blockages of the sacrum and iliac joints (ISG), facet joint blockages.

  • Joint sprain, ligament stretch, muscle strain, increased susceptibility to injury.

After a previous acupuncture treatment - even if there is a "vertebral blockage" - the tension in the muscles is often already regulated, so that manual overstretching of the joints (so-called manipulation) by a chiropractor is superfluous.

The therapy grips and muscle stretches are done gently moving and are now comfortable for the patient and without any risk.