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Pain therapy | Allergy | Nicotine addiction


Pain management

The treatment of acute or chronic pain is a specialty of Japanese acupuncture and TCM. The pain syndrome itself as well as its cause are treated here.

Pain is understood as a "call for help from the tissue or the soul". From this knowledge it becomes clear that a mere, drug-based pain-anesthetic can bring numerous side effects or risks and is hardly suitable for initiating or advancing a healing process.

In the treatment and therapy with Japanese acupuncture and TCM, I take into account functional and anatomical conditions that conventional medicine does not know or use in this context. In the case of migraines, for example, there are many causes. These are hormonal or musculoskeletal imbalances, functional disorders of the liver, the gallbladder, the rest of the digestive tract, the energetic Shaoyang layer, the nervous system or the adrenal glands.

Furthermore, eye problems, blood deficiency, trauma, tumors and ulcerated dental foci are among the possible causes of migraine symptoms.

If the migraine does not occur after 1-3 treatments with Japanese acupuncture and TCM, is less acute or occurs less frequently, the healing prognosis is very good.
To rule out dangerous processes (tumors, tooth foci, ulcers of the digestive tract, etc.), I recommend a specialist medical clarification, if this has not been done in advance.


Example indications:

Various forms of musculofascial-fibromyalgic pain, sciatica, lumbago ("lumbago"), heel spurs, so-called "whiplash", inflammatory joint pain, tension headache, migraine, middle ear pain, glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure), atypical facial pain, neuralgia, scar and wound pain Burning tongue, cystitis, pain due to impaired blood circulation (e.g. intermittent claudication), PMS and menstrual pain, hemorrhoids, fissures, itchy pain in neurodermatitis, psychosomatic pain.


Allergy treatment

The basic principles of allergy treatment and pain therapy are similar. Even if an allergy is present, the respective symptoms and their causes are treated according to a holistic understanding.

In order to get an allergy symptom-free in the long term or to cure it, one asks the following question before treatment: “ What is in the state of malregulation or deficiency and thus blocks the patient's self-healing powers, so that the patient overcomes everyday things such as grass , Animal hair or strawberries reacts? "

Therapy-relevant reasons for this include disorders of the liver, blood and lymphatic tissue, lung or intestinal function, the nervous system or the adrenal glands as well as energetic imbalances in the gastric meridian.

Undoubtedly, corticoids or antihistamines are a quick and even life-saving aid in some cases. However, whether it makes sense to provide long-term medical care for a patient in this way remains questionable and is now also controversially discussed in conventional medicine.


Example indications:

Allergy (or intolerance) to house dust, grasses or pollen, hazelnuts, animal hair, fruits, adhesive plasters, latex, gluten and much more.

Autoimmune diseases such as primary chronic polyarthritis (pcP, popularly “rheumatism”) also belong to this group of forms and can be alleviated or successfully treated with Japanese acupuncture and TCM.


Nicotine addiction

With the help of Japanese acupuncture and TCM, the often violent and seemingly insurmountable withdrawal symptoms can be effectively treated.

Complaints such as irritability, tremors, restlessness, agonizing desire for tobacco, increased feeling of hunger and weight gain, excessive sweating, digestive problems or sleep disorders are easy to regulate.

An indispensable prerequisite for the successful first treatment is to have consumed the last nicotine at least 12 hours before the first acupuncture!

The chances of success also improve if your partner or your direct colleagues etc. support you in your goal of getting rid of the cigarette.